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Credit account from Quick Finance

Credit account from Quick Finance

It is only a few steps before your application is completed. We have simplified this already simple process by creating an instructional film.

Credit account from Quick Finance

Account credit is a flexible loan form for unforeseen expenses when you repay at your own pace. You choose the level of your credit limit yourself, and unlike a quick one, you choose how much of the credit you want to use. We have direct payments to most major banks so the money is available when you need them.

  • Confident about the accident is ahead
  • Message and payment
  • Flexible � repayment

Loan money easily through us at Fast Finance. Whether you need a direct quick connection with travel, renovation or unexpected purchases, your account credit is a suitable solution. It is easy to apply and you are always promptly informed whether your request has been approved. Then the money is paid into your account and you can easily make one or more withdrawals, depending on your needs.

In the end, you only pay for the amount you have spent, and if you do not choose to repay everything at once, the repayment will be made monthly. For us at Fast Finance, it is important that your credit does not strain your finances or lead to debt, which is a risk of amortization, which is often the case. All of this turns account credit into a new form of mobile phone for your assumptions and needs.

Flexible � repayment

The repayment of our flexible account credit is made via monthly notification and you only pay for the amount used. You can make an additional deposit at any time to reduce your interest costs or to repay your credit in one instance. You choose yourself.

  • Pay
  • Avi every month

Loan money easily through us at Fast Finance. We offer a service and a fast loan that are entirely based on freedom and flexibility. No matter what you need the money for when you are welcome to apply and when the money is paid out, you can easily manage it and view the credit through our digital platform My Pages. Here you can also easily change your installment plan and of course also make both withdrawals and deposits. My pages are a service that makes it even easier to get your credit right when you need it, and you log in smoothly via personal passcode.

Own withdrawals

Once your credit has been granted, you will be logged in to the My Pages platform. There you can log in and withdraw from your account credit whenever you want. As you make payments, you can always apply for withdrawal from your account credit again. We will process your requested withdrawal immediately.

  • flexible
  • No hidden fees

Do you need to borrow money? Contact us at Quick Finance already today, we offer simple loans with no turnover.

We at Fastfinans pay out to most major banks, without delay. We are aware that many expenses appear suddenly and unexpectedly and have designed our account credit to function as a flexible buffer for all types of needs. Providing quick notice of the loan can also be an important part of our best offer.

To further contribute to the borrower’s control and security, we have developed the My Pages platform, which allows for a full overview of the credit and makes it easy to manage installment plans and deposits. As soon as your application has been approved, you will receive a personal passcode to My pages, via SMS. Then you can easily log in, anywhere and anywhere.