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This will identify unrecognized charges on your credit card … and you will know how to resolve them!

This will identify unrecognized charges on your credit card … and you will know how to resolve them!

We are increasingly exposed to finding unrecognized charges on our credit cards, for this reason it is very important that you know how to identify them and what you should do to solve it.


How do I realize that I have been a victim of fraud?

  • Activate notifications
    Most banks have the option to notify by email or messages to your cell phone every time a movement is made on your credit card. Ask your bank to activate this service, so you can identify at the exact time each time an unrecognized charge occurs.
  • Check your electronic banking frequently
    Another useful and practical way to realize that your credit card has been cloned is to constantly check your credit card movements through your electronic banking. We recommend you do it at least once a week.
  • Review your account statement in detail.
    Finally, it is important that when you receive your statement each month you review it in detail, especially the movements section. There you can identify the unrecognized charges and proceed to report them to your bank. In this article we show you how to correctly read your statement!
  • Call your bank
    When you identify an unrecognized charge, the first thing you should do is call the bank that issued your credit card. Report the purchase that you do not recognize so that they immediately block your credit card and do not continue to make more charges. In that call you can also start the clarification process. Keep in mind that when talking with your bank, they will ask you for information about the credit card you want to block, the reason you want to block it and your personal data.It is important to remember that you have 90 calendar days from the cutoff date of your card to submit a formal claim request, so we recommend you to check your movements frequently through the means we explained previously.


Where and how do I file the formal complaint?

In the event that through the customer service line of your bank they have not resolved your request for clarification or they respond that, according to their investigation, it is not an unrecognized charge, you can also send an email to the Specialized Care Unit. Your bank must explain the process and provide you with the request for clarification.


And if still, the bank does not solve my problem?

The banks have a period of 45 calendar days from the day the complaint was filed to give you a solution to the problem.

EYE, it is important that you know that no bank can charge you any commission for the resolution of cloning problems or unrecognized charges!
However, most banks charge commissions when the resolution is not in your favor. That is, when the bank somehow proves that the charge is valid, generally this resolution may be accompanied by a commission.

If at the end of the 45 calendar days from the day you filed the complaint, the bank does not solve the problem, you can also rely on the Condusef to receive specialized legal guidance on unrecognized charges.

Constantly reviewing the movements of your cards in your electronic banking, activating notifications and reading your account statement correctly will help you avoid being a victim of fraud.