3 Month Deferral for All Bank of Guam Consumer Loans and Personal Credit Cards | Community Newsletters



No action will be required from our customers to defer payments. However, customers with scheduled deductions or automatic payments will need to arrange for those payments to end the deferral period.

Consumer loans

• FTM or automatic payments via a Bank of Guam account

Customers who wish to move their transfer date from their Bank of Guam account can contact the Loan Help Desk or call our Familia contact for assistance. Please note that the Familia Contact Center is open daily with limited hours. Requests can also be made through a secure message in online banking or by sending an email to [email protected]

• FTM or automatic payments via all other bank accounts

Requests to move their transfer date from other bank accounts must be made 4 working days before the next scheduled transfer date.

• Payroll deductions

Customers who have payroll deductions should contact their employer to temporarily stop payroll deductions during the deferral period.

• Recurring payment via Online banking

Customers who have scheduled recurring payments through online banking will need to log into their online banking account and adjust their next payment date.

Credit card

• Automatic or AutoPay payments made directly through gotomycard.com

Customers who have set up automatic payments through gotomycard.com will need to make an adjustment on their next payment date. Please note that any changes will need to be made before their due date.

Mortgage and commercial loan customers can contact their respective departments for any questions.

Mortgage customers can email [email protected]

Commercial loan customers can email [email protected]

Joaquin PLG Cook, President and CEO of Bank of Guam, said, “The Bank of Guam has a tradition of stepping up its efforts to support our community when it is needed most, and this program deferment is no different. We appreciate that our community cares about our loved ones, our jobs and our future; and we have listened to you.

He went on to say, “We continue to do what we can to help each other during this time. Please continue to be responsible and do what you can to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our branches remain open at a limited capacity, and I urge you to enter only when absolutely necessary. We do this general reporting so that we can take additional steps to keep our employees and community safe, and minimize face-to-face interactions. These are uncharted waters and we will go through difficult times together. “


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