4 Ways Bad Credit Affects Your Car Loan



Bad credit can affect your auto loan in a number of ways. Here are four ways bad credit can affect your next car loan and some workarounds that might help.

1. You cannot qualify on your own

As a borrower with bad credit, you may find that lenders are a bit hesitant to roll out the red carpet for a car loan. While there is no minimum standard credit score by which you can approve or deny financing, the better your credit score, the more likely you are to be able to fend for yourself when it comes to financing. to pay off a car loan. If a lender has doubts about your credit rating, they may not approve you themselves. Sometimes they require that you bring in someone with a better credit score.

Solution: get a co-signer

Getting a co-signer could be the solution to your car buying problem when you have a low credit score. A co-signer agrees to make payments on the loan if you miss or fall behind, and also “loans” you their credit score so that you can meet the lender’s requirements.

For a co-signer to be useful, they must have a better credit score than yours, ideally around 660 or higher. A co-signer must also meet all the loan requirements that you need to meet when approving a car loan because they must prove that they can pay it off if you cannot. This gives the lender peace of mind and can increase your chances of getting an auto loan with bad credit.

2. May be eligible for higher interest rates

One of the biggest disappointments when it comes to auto loans is that the lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate will be. This means that bad credit makes car loans more expensive (interest is the cost of borrowing money). The interest rate you qualify for is primarily influenced by your credit score.

Solution: larger deposit

Fortunately, you can offset the cost of higher interest rates by borrowing less to get started. The more money you can put in as a down payment, either in cash, trade-in capital, or a combination of the two, the more likely you are to pay less on your loan as a whole. Depending on how much you can pay up front, you may even be able to reduce your loan low enough to qualify for a lower interest rate.

3. May have less vehicles to choose from

The process of borrowing for bad credit with subprime lenders usually means that the financing is approved before choosing a car. It’s almost the reverse of the auto loan process when you have good credit and when you are working with direct lenders. With good credit, you can usually choose a vehicle from any vendor and worry about financing later, as good credit opens up more financial opportunities.

However, borrowers with bad credit often don’t choose a car first. In this case, you need to find the right lenders to work with, usually through a special financial dealer. Once you are eligible for financing, the lender sends the dealer a payment call, informing them that you can be financed up to a certain payment amount each month.

The dealership then chooses a selection of available vehicles that are priced within your budget. Essentially, you have to pick from the dealer’s inventory and shop within the limits of what you are qualified for.

Solution: try to get pre-approved

While it may be easier to find a car loan from a special financial dealership when you are struggling with credit issues, pre-approval with bad credit is not unheard of. In fact, having a long-standing account with a bank or credit union can be a good start when it comes to getting a car loan. Borrowers with bad credit tend to have better luck with credit unions, as they are non-profit organizations that can often pass their savings on to their members.

4. Impacts the Lending Chance with Traditional Lenders

Pre-approval with bad credit is possible under the right circumstances, but it can still be difficult to obtain if your credit score is lower. Bad credit can certainly put a damper on your auto loan opportunities with traditional lenders such as banks, credit unions, and online lenders. Most of these financial institutions require that you have a credit score of around 660 or higher to even be considered for funding.

Solution: Shop with a subprime lender.

There are, however, lenders who are prepared to work with borrowers who are in difficult credit situations, called subprime lenders. These lenders don’t just use your credit score to determine if you are a good candidate for a car loan. Not all dealerships work with lenders who can finance borrowers on credit, so knowing where to turn is important.

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