A personal loan can make a real difference in your life



A financial advisor consults with new clients on their personal loan options. (Gallo Images)

Taking out a personal loan can be a daunting prospect for some, but when used correctly it can be a simple and affordable way to help yourself or your family pay off something important.

Through Nedbank’s Real Difference campaign, ordinary South Africans are telling inspiring real lending stories about how a personal loan has made a real difference in their lives.

Thokozani Ngelo de Mpumalanga found himself in an all too common situation of having to face too high monthly expenses.

“I had accounts in addition to accounts and loans in different places,” says Thokozani. “I was trying to make things better, but I couldn’t find a way, which meant I couldn’t live in the moment and spend time with my family.”

“I knew that if I wanted a better life, I had to change things. My family depended on me. So, I applied for a personal loan and consolidated my accounts, which to my relief ended up with a loan with affordable monthly payments. . “

Thokozani ended up paying less than before, paid off the accounts he had with a personal loan, and with the extra money in his pocket he renovated his family’s house – installing a new sink, replacing the ceiling and even repainting the house and repairing the roof.

Good loans and collection

According to Nedbank, despite strict rules and regulations against predatory lending practices, market participants continue to take advantage of people who find themselves in desperate circumstances. Financial service providers have an important role to play in guiding and advising clients on how to choose the right loan product and making sure it is affordable As more and more people see how loans can improve their lives, our economy can be on track to become sustainable. , long-term recovery.

Between July and December 2021, South Africans are invited to share their true stories with Nedbank on how a personal loan has made a real difference in their lives. If their story is selected for publication, they will earn a R1,000 Avo voucher.

Avo is Nedbank’s awesome app available for all South Africans. On Avo, consumers and businesses can complete many different transactions on a single platform, whether it’s buying groceries, prepaid top-ups, digital home entertainment, or accessing home service providers.

At Nedbank, clients can have peace of mind as they will be offered the right loan amount at a high interest rate suited to their financial needs, ensuring that they maintain a good credit history with an institution. responsible and trustworthy financial institution.

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