Banknote used to threaten Afghan envoy’s daughter in Islamabad



New Delhi, July 24 (IANS): A 50 Pakistani rupee banknote mentioning threatening remarks against Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Najibullah Alikhel was found with her daughter after she returned home to Islamabad after her kidnapping, according to a news report.

According to the Pajhwok Afghan News report, Silsila Alikhel was kidnapped on July 16 in Islamabad after going shopping in a supermarket.

The report, citing a well-placed security source, said Silsila got out of her home in Islamabad’s F-7 zone and got off a taxi in front of the Tahzeeb store in the city’s blue zone.

After shopping, she hired another taxi home, but an unidentified person forced their way into the vehicle.

As she tried to complain to the driver, the assailant beat her.

“The attacker told Silsila that his father is a communist and we will not let him go too,” the source said.

Silsila lost consciousness after being beaten. A few hours later, when she regained consciousness, she discovered that her hands and legs were tied.

She found a pair of shoes and an old shawl, which had a 50 rupee bill and on it it was written, “This time it’s your turn.

Silsila then called a member of her family who came to take her home.

The source said she suffered fractures to her hands and legs and is currently undergoing medical treatment.

Pakistani Interior Minister Shaikh Rashid, however, called the incident a tragedy and said it was a huge plot hatched against Islamabad.

The Afghan foreign ministry called Rashid’s comments biased and strongly rejected them.


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