BOAX unveils first NFT series of Chinese time travel banknotes designed by IZBLU Labs

HONG KONG, November 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BOAX NFT Marketplace and its digital media production affiliate IZBLU Labs jointly present the “Time Travel X Banknote NFT” project, bringing to life authentic and very rare Chinese antique banknotes featuring currencies, emblems and historical images that are a window on the rich Chinese cultural heritage.

(PRNewsfoto / BOAX)

(PRNewsfoto / BOAX)

China is the first country in the world to develop paper money at the beginning of the 7e century during the Tang Dynasty, while explorers like Marco polo introduces such a concept in Europe six centuries later. Chinese ancient banknotes are inspired by two of the from China Four great inventions – papermaking and printing. It is one of the missions of IZBLU Labs to preserve Chinese cultural heritage.

“Time Travel X Banknote NFT” is the latest NFT project developed by IZBLU Labs in collaboration with the BOAX team to animate very rare and valuable old Chinese banknotes belonging to the famous collector Mr. Norman Lin. All of these banknotes have been professionally authenticated by Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) – the world’s largest and most trusted third-party rating service for paper money.

IZBLU Labs selected the most representative periods in Chinese history, curated graphically interesting samples from those periods, and turned them into fascinating animated NFT works of art as if people could time travel to the epochs depicted. by the banknotes and see the action for themselves.

The first series of the project “Time Travel X Banknote NFT” includes 10 banknotes representing different eras. The most eye-catching is commonly referred to as “Li Hongzhang’s Notes” to Chinese audiences. It was issued by the “Bank of Qing Dynasty” and printed by the American Bank Note Company in 1909 with the portrait of Li Hongzhang, a Chinese politician, general and diplomat of the late Qing dynasty.

Other NFTs were created from banknotes issued during the period of the Republic of China by public or commercial banks such as the provincial government of Bank of Anhui, National Commercial Bank of China, Bank of communications, Chartered bank of India, Australia and China, Federal Reserve Bank of China, China Commissariat Department, Hua Hsing Commercial Bank of China, Sino-Russian Tian Jin Sheng Dao Bank, etc.

Chinese culture is an important theme in the NFT projects of IZBLU Labs. By leveraging advanced blockchain technology, IZBLU Labs turns old Chinese banknotes into unique non-fungible (NFT) tokens that cannot be duplicated or altered, solving transparency and provenance issues. This project will not only draw more attention to the beauty of Chinese history, but also generate substantial investment value for NFT collectors.

About IZBLU Laboratories

IZBLU Labs is a creative hub of digital arts built on blockchain technology. IZBLU Labs uses blockchain technology to protect and promote traditional Chinese cultural heritage. By leveraging advanced blockchain technology, IZBLU Labs transforms art projects into unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that cannot be replicated or altered, addressing issues of transparency and provenance.

About BOAX NFT Marketplace

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