Central Bank of the Bahamas issues new $100 note

By Central Bank of the Bahamas ……

the Central Bank of the Bahamas released his new $100 bill on October 6, 2021, completing the phased approach of the CRISP Evolution Bahamas banknote family which began in 2016 with the introduction of its CRISP Evolution $10 bill.

As part of its strategy of issuing modern and secure banknotes, the Central Bank continues to combine advanced design insights with industry-first innovations to create culturally relevant banknotes. On this occasion, another national hero, the late Arthur Dion Hannaformer Governor General, former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Finance of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, has been added to the Bahamian banknote landscape.

The new $100 note stays true to the cultural posture of Bahamian banknotes while incorporating easily identifiable security enhancements to help promote continued public confidence in banknotes. Like the CRISP Evolution $50this note is printed on Landqart Durasafe® substrate. It also includes MOVEMENT of the crane® Area technology, making it one of the most secure banknotes produced by the Central Bank to date. The most noticeable change to this note is its predominantly brown color with red and yellow undertones. The banknote retains the same dimensions as existing banknotes. The front bears a portrait of the late Arthur Dion Hanna and an image of a Royal Poinciana flower in the center, while the back features a redesigned likeness of a blue marlin surrounded by marine life. The process from conception to issuance of this banknote took nearly four years.

To help educate the public, the Central Bank has added this note to its banknote app, ‘CBB MAP ticket‘, which features the security features of all CRISP Evolution notes. The app can be used to assist in the authentication of genuine Bahamian banknotes.

New $100 banknote issued in the Bahamas featuring MOTION SURFACE technology

By Crane Currency ……

The Central Bank of the Bahamas has issued a new $100 note into circulation starting October 6, 2021. It has a unique combination of security features, including Crane Currency’s MOTION SURFACE.® micro-optical strip which makes it one of the safest banknotes in the world.

The 12mm wide MOTION SURFACE micro-optical band is integrated into the new $100 banknote to make the most of its vertical design. Its secure and captivating effects include the 3D Topo effect – the only visual effect in the banknote industry that has been scientifically proven to be authenticated by the public in a fraction of a second. But those lucky enough to hold the new note will want to take a longer look.

The MOTION SURFACE strip also features schools of fish swimming in the depths of the banknote, while others swim lazily near its surface in the famous blue waters of the Bahamas.

The note was printed by the Canadian Banknote Company on Durasafe®, a composite paper-polymer-paper substrate produced by the Swiss company Landqart. It is the first banknote printed on Durasafe to use MOTION SURFACE technology as the main security feature.

In November 2020, the Central Bank of the Bahamas was awarded the prestigious IACA Technical Award nomination for its $50 bill issued in 2019. It was Crane’s first implementation QUICK® safety thread with Durasafe substrate. The unique construction of the substrate made it possible to show the dynamic and personalized visual effects of the RAPID security thread in the longest thread window ever used on a circulating banknote.

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