Goal Solutions creates a frictionless service conversion process that delights consumer loan holders

SAN DIEGO, March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lens Solutionsan award-winning asset management and consumer financial services company, today announced that it has completed the 26and converting loans on its proprietary Launch loan management platform.

“For a long time, the last thing any lender or loan holder wanted to do was deconvert loans and move them to another provider, even though they knew the move would ultimately be better for them and their customers. process has always been one of missteps, mismanagement of data, and ultimately, borrower confusion and dissatisfaction – something to be avoided at all costs. We decided to meet this challenge head-on and create a smooth and seamless process, allowing lenders and loan holders the freedom and confidence to transition their borrowers to the better service, satisfaction and data transparency we offer.” said Matt Myers, president of Goal Solutions. “Last week we completed our 26and converting borrowers on the Launch Servicing platform and have now converted loans from 11 different servicers. Meeting this challenge is another way for us to implement innovative solutions for our customers and deliver an experience that exceeds the high standards they expect.”

Goal Solutions, through its wholly owned subsidiary Launch Servicing, services hundreds of unique loan program types through its proprietary Launch Servicing system. Goal supports a diverse number of clients, including banks, credit unions, hedge funds, investment banks, fintechs, insurance companies as well as colleges and universities.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the teamwork our leaders, technologists and lending service specialists have put forth to help us reach this incredible milestone,” said Paul Dockry, CEO of Launch Servicing. . “It doesn’t matter how good our technology and services are if lenders are hesitant to bring their business to us due to fear of converting loans. Creating a process to overcome this fear has opened up the possibility for more lenders and loan holders to experience the full range of services and capabilities we have to offer.”

Goal Solutions provides comprehensive, customizable solutions backed by technology, analytics and industry expertise. Our ability to manage complex consumer assets has created opportunities with large organizations that trust us to optimize their loan portfolios. We have built a strong business and a reputation as a go-to partner by delivering exceptional value and performance and always acting in the best interest of our customers.

For more information, please visit www.goalsolutions.com and www.launchservicing.com

About Goal Solutions
Since 2001, Goal Solutions has relied on data analytics and technology to deliver innovative solutions for asset management, lending and investing. The depth and variety of our capabilities provide a comprehensive skill set that creates greater value and performance in service of our clients’ overall business objectives. Led by a management team with decades of experience in consumer finance, Goal manages over $26 billion in consumer assets and offers a full range of asset management services.

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