Malawi’s 5,000 Kwacha note named best new banknote of 2022 – Malawi 24

The 5000 Malawi Kwacha note was named the best new banknote of the year 2022 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for its design, technical sophistication and security features.

The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) Wilson Banda received the award at a ceremony in Lilongwe held today with G+D, a Germany-based company that is the printer of Malawi’s three main banknotes, K1000 , K2000 and K5000.

G+D first received the award and then presented it to Banda in Munich, Germany in June. During today’s ceremony, G+D’s Managing Director for South Africa again presented the award to Banda.

According to Banda, the K5000 banknote which was introduced in February this year represents the latest technology in currency printing.

“I would like to thank G+D for the efforts and the good collaboration with the Bank to produce the banknote. We are proud of the K5000 banknote as it has made a good history for us and the recognition is appreciated,” Banda said.

The managing director of G+D said that creating a new banknote takes time because the banknotes require security features and need to be customized for the country’s needs.

“All functionality is implemented on paper and in print. To do all of this the right way, you have to plan it properly,” he said.

The award was presented by High Security Printing, which also awards similar regional awards for banknotes and ID documents of the year in Asia and Latin America.

Reacting to the award, Malawians on social media say nothing in the country will benefit from the recognition as it will not improve the country’s economy.

“First-rate mediocrity. How will this benefit a common Malawian? Are we going to have more money in our pockets now? Even after 58 years of independence, the whole Bank is celebrating here? It’s embarrassing and an insult to the Nation! We joke too much in this impoverished Nation,” one person posted on Facebook.

Another person said, “Nonsense! What does this even translate to people’s welfare, the majority who can’t even earn it, or those who can earn it, can barely acquire sufficient basic needs with it? »

Others equated the award with fake degrees that some people receive.

” What does that mean ? Sounds like the equivalent of an honorary doctorate from Jerusalema Community College,” one Twitter user tweeted.

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