N26 Highlights Banknote Gender Parity With New AR Effect

Mobile bank N26 has launched a new AR effect that highlights the low representation of women on banknotes.

According to a recent report by Quartz, only 12% of banknotes featuring people actually depict women. To celebrate International Women’s Day and shed light on this gender parity, German online bank N26 used this knowledge to launch a new augmented reality effect for Instagram and Facebook.

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the idea is quite simple. When pointing at US dollar or euro banknotes, the effect switches the man to a prominent woman instead – i.e. Rosa Parks, Grace Hopper and Sojourner Truth on the dollar banknote , or Emilia Pardo Bazan and Emmy Noether on the euro banknote.

“Despite the presence of Queen Elizabeth II on many Commonwealth banknotes, this still represents only 12% of global paper money that features women, highlighting the inherent gender disparity present in the sector. banking”, explained Adrienne Gormley, director of operations of N26.

“We want to do our part in tackling inequality wherever we find it, and the AR effect is a great way to draw attention to it.”

N26 worked with Facebook and developer Ommy Akhe to create the AR effect with Facebook’s Spark AR platform, and users can scan 1, 5 and 10 dollar bills, as well as 5 and
10 euro banknotes. If a ticket is recognized, the faces of the five influential women will be superimposed. If it cannot be found, users will still be able to browse the digital images to find a substitute.

AR images and videos can then be shared to their story or feed, encouraging others to #balancethebanknotes.

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