New banknote holograms win international security awards

A holographic device that offers better protection of banknotes against the risk of counterfeiting has won an international award organized by the industry’s professional body, the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA).

German banknote and security paper manufacturer Louisenthal’s RollingStar LEAD Mix foil tape for the new Bank of Azerbaijan 50 Manat note won first place in the category “Best Applied Security Product” at Excellence in Holography Awards 2021, which was presented by IHMA at this year’s Virtual Holographic Conference (November 17-18).

Reflecting a banknote “thriving with the most advanced and attractive security features”, the 50 Manat 50 marks the importance of education and progress made by young schoolchildren to university students. The main anti-counterfeiting features include a metal surface embossed pattern “flip” effect, color change patterns and animation, which were created through a combination of micro-mirrors and color changing technology from unique multi-layer coating. This provides enhanced levels of protection against currency counterfeiting and is considered a market leader in the field of banknotes.

The judges were particularly impressed with the proven combination of design, dynamics and color change, which both provide eye-catching appeal and take banknote security to the next level.

The research and production company KRYPTEN, based in Russia, and SURYS in France were also recognized for their safety-related products.

3D-GRAM CONTRUST – a photopolymer holographic patch with a striking and unambiguous color change when rotated 180 ° – won first place for KRYPTEN in the category “Innovation in holographic technology”. The functionality can be applied to paper and polymer based banknotes as well as identity documents, with light colors and contrast designed to enhance security.

SURYS’s Gold Fish represents the first application of its Plasmogram Reverso technology on a window in a polymer banknote. The feature film, based on plasmonic sciences and nanotechnologies, won the “Best Creation” award. It offers a range of different optical effects as well as different colors when viewed from the front and back of the ticket, and in transmission, and was recognized by the judges as a real success thanks to an eye-catching design, integration product and anti-counterfeit prospect.

The Excellence in Holography event recognizes outstanding achievement, marking the success of those at the forefront of the industry who have developed innovative or commercially viable hologram products or techniques in the past 12 months.

Involving industry suppliers, manufacturers and end-users from around the world, the event, held online again due to the pandemic, saw IHMA President Dr Paul Dunn praising the high level of submissions , reflecting a strong, resilient and dynamic industry that continues to expand and push the boundaries of commercial and technological security and the fight against counterfeiting.

He said: “The awards reflect the progress and year-over-year achievement in the design, development and technology of commercial holograms, which continue to find new and innovative ways to add value and appeal to products used and loved by billions of people all over the world. the world.”

The IHMA is made up of 80 of the largest hologram companies in the world. Members include leading producers and converters of holograms for banknote security, anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, packaging, graphics and other business applications around the world, and cooperate actively to maintain the highest professional, safety and quality standards.

RollingStar LEAD Mix aluminum strip from Louisenthal for the new 50 manat banknote of the Bank of Azerbaijan

Many great safety features have been carefully incorporated into the 50 Manat. Perhaps the most pronounced feature is the RollingStar® LEAD “Mix” aluminum strip assembly to the right of the front. It comes with a large number of dynamic and attractive security features. At the top, a “flip” effect of a raised metal surface pattern created with micromirrors, alternating between the denomination 50 and the Manat symbol. Immediately below is a color change pattern with micro-mirror animation that shows the arch of an educational institution with animated relief structures and a background deep inside the arch. . Below, stairs with holographic display and micromirror spectrum with Banks “AMB” signage and denomination number.

At the bottom of the sheet is an eye-catching animated walking college student that can be seen on the front side. By tilting the note, the “walking student” very impressively shows the movements of a walking person. It is one of the most attractive and referenced banknotes issued in recent years. After intensive research and development, we have succeeded in reaching a new level in micromirror technology. The innovative multi-faceted substructure with an even more sophisticated way of aligning and shaping the micromirrors allows for an attractive and realistic look. The proven combination of design, dynamics and color change creates a strong aesthetic appeal. It takes security to the next level.

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