Personal loan and mortgage rates fall as most other interest rates rise

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It is almost certain that the Federal Reserve meeting this week will end with another significant hike in a key rate. Meanwhile, rates for personal loans and mortgages – loans used by consumers – are falling.

Consumers with good credit scores have received lower rates over the past seven days on three- and five-year personal loans, according to financial website For example, consumers with a credit score of 720 or higher got a rate of 10.71% on a three-year personal loan, down from 11.01% the previous week. Those applying for a five-year loan got an average rate of 13.59%, down from 13.81% the previous week.

Personal loans have become popular alternatives to credit cards due to their low interest rates. The typical credit card carries an interest rate of around 20%, even for people with good credit scores.

Banks’ lending costs increase every time the Fed raises its federal funds rate. These costs are often passed on to borrowers, including those with a credit card balance.

Mortgage rates have also fallen.

Mortgage rates are also on a downward trend. According to Forbes, the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rate started this week at 5.73%, up from 5.88% the previous week. Mortgage rates are not influenced directly by the action of the Fed but by the yield of 10-year US Treasury bonds. This rate, which has climbed in recent months and almost doubled mortgage rates, fell last week.

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