Philippine central bank rejects reports of ‘new banknote’ featuring late dictator

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Facebook posts shared thousands of times claim to show a new Philippine banknote bearing the image of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. However, the image – which many social media users seemed to believe was an actual banknote – comes from a satirical Facebook page. The Philippine central bank said on November 9 that it had not issued a new banknote design.

The image has been shared over 1,700 times after being job on Facebook on November 5.

It shows a 500 Philippine pesos ($ 10) bill with a portrait of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

The text superimposed on the image reads: “THE CENTRAL BANK LAUNCHES THE P500 MARCOS / CDN STRICAL MEMORIAL TICKET”.

The Facebook post reads: “The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP initiated the design of a P500 banknote and commemorative medal bearing the face of former President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos.”

Screenshot of a misleading message taken on November 10, 2021

Ferdinand Marcos remains one of the most polarizing politicians in the Philippines, accused of bloody repression and corruption.

The son of the late dictator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr – who announcement he would run in the 2022 presidential election – tried to defend his father’s regime by citing economic growth and downplayed human rights violations during his rule.

The banknote image has been shared hundreds of more times in similar Facebook posts here, here and here.

Some social media users appeared to believe the post was genuine.

“Finally, a real hero is now the face of the 500 peso bill,” commented one.

“It should have been done a long time ago! Long live Marcos!” another wrote.

The current 500 Philippine pesos banknote features the image of former President Corazon Aquino, who replaced Marcos when he was filed in 1986 – and her husband, former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.

However, the image is from a satirical Facebook page.

Keyword searches on Facebook traced the image to a Facebook post from November 3 on a page titled “Cebu Dairy News”.

The “On“The Facebook page section carries a disclaimer, which says the page was created” to ridicule or make fun of anything we deem to be satirical. “

“We bring fresh satirical news 24/7,” he adds.

Screenshot of the About Cebu Dairy News page, taken on November 11, 2021

“Cebu Dairy News” seems to parody the media organization Digital CDN, although the page’s disclaimer states that it is not “in any way related” to the group.

The central bank of the Philippines – which maintains the sole legal authority to issue currency in the country – said he did not issue the banknote displayed in misleading messages.

“The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) informs the public that it has not issued any new banknote designs or new series of designs,” the bank said in a statement. declaration November 9.

“The BSP is issuing this notice in response to a 500 piso commemorative post first posted on a satirical news website and widely shared on social media.”

AFP has already debunked the false allegations circulating ahead of the 2022 Philippine election here, here and here.

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