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Since we can’t do things like shout auspicious phrases during lohei or have more than eight visitors a day, it looks like Chinese New Year is going to be quieter this year due to the pandemic.

Even the exchange of red packets is affected, and we are encouraged to distribute electronic packets instead. But that doesn’t mean hongbaos are completely out of the question, with some companies still rolling out their own versions for the Year of the Ox.

As always, there will be some unique red package options that will stand out from the crowd, and we’ve compiled them here for you.

1. $ 1,000 note

[UPDATE, Jan 30]

It turns out that those red bundles of sold out $ 1,000 banknotes produced by local design studio wheniwasfour will no longer be restocked.

Media reported that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) intervened to warn the studio that any product that reproduces the image of the Singapore currency either in part or in whole, should first be approved by the Authority.

In an Instagram story on Friday (January 29), the owners blamed the production shutdown on “logistical difficulties,” but shared with media that MAS had indeed contacted them to withdraw the product.

According to Mothership, the studio will cancel existing orders and reimburse customers for red packages that have not been mailed.

While the likelihood of ever receiving the coveted purple ticket in our red package is impossible, especially since Singapore has stopped printing them, you can still trick people into believing they did.

At first glance, these red packages disguised as $ 1,000 bills wrapped in a strip of red currency ($ 5.90 for 10) certainly look like the real deal. Each even has a serial number of 88888888 for luck. Peek a little further and you’ll eventually see the hongbao flap on the back.

As expected, these fun red sachets have been very popular with Singaporeans and are currently sold out on the local brand. when I was four website. However, according to Mothership, these will be restocked by February 10, just in time for the Lunar New Year.

2. A cushion

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Naiise’s Meykers Ang Bao Cushion ($ 29.90) doubles as a red package and even comes with an interior compartment for storing cash.


While it’s bulkier than the usual red packet, it’s sure to be one of the most memorable (and cuddly) anyone has ever received.

Order the here.

3. Chinese New Year sweets

Gluttons will appreciate these red packs from Independent Market that feature eight of our favorite Chinese New Year treats ($ 5 for 8) like shrimp rolls, pineapple pies and bak kwa. They look so realistic that it won’t be surprising if someone mistakes them for delicious snacks.

Instead of offering the usual rectangular shaped hongbaos, they also have squares for a little more variation.

Order the here.

4.1% of your COE

For car owners, this red package ($ 12 for 5) from rudepackets cheekily reminds the recipient that the amount of money in the red package is likely less than 1% of their ride’s Certificate of Entitlement (COE).

Order the here.

5. Red sachets that match your nails

For women who want their nails to look good while they hand out all those hongbaos, you can consider picking up this set ($ 42) from Papercranes Design x Nodspark.

The set comes with beautiful floral hongbaos and matching nail stickers. To brighten up your nails, just glue them on, file off the excess and finish with a transparent varnish.

Order the here.

6. Handcrafted with a Covid-19 theme

For a one-of-a-kind hongbao suited to the mood Covid-19 has put us in, these handcrafted red packets ($ 15) from beelove4craft feature adorable makeshift cats and cows with face masks.

It also serves as a reminder for the recipient on the other end to hide during the holiday season!

Send them a direct message on Instagram order.

7. Put a smile on the recipient’s face

The Red Grinny Packs (1 for $ 8, 5 for $ 30) are designed to make your recipient smile with joy.

They have several whimsical designs featuring beloved Chinese New Year activities such as blackjack and lohei along with auspicious quotes to wish you the best of luck.

Send them a direct message on Instagram order.

8.Bonus: sliced ​​meat and realistic red fish

While these red packages are unfortunately not available in Singapore as the company is based in Hong Kong, we still thought they were worth mentioning.

Nice To Meat You ($ 11) looks exactly what the name says – a huge piece of sliced ​​meat. Without the gold text on the front and its rectangular shape, we honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

There’s also Every Year Have Fish ($ 11), where lifelike images of goldfish are printed on both the back and front of the red packet. Fish also represents fortune in Chinese, so the more fish the better.

Check them here.

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