Sagent’s consumer loan management platform, CARE, is all about caring for customers and retaining them, whether good or bad.

While digital transformation first in the pandemic and post-pandemic years has changed both business processes and consumer expectations, when it comes to customer experience, most agree that automation cannot replace the human connection. In the mortgage industry, where building customer relationships is critical to long-term satisfaction and, by extension, customer retention, the need for a personal touch is vital.

Finding the right balance between effective automation and solid customer service is a challenge in the entire mortgage industry, but that’s where Sagent excels. Sagent’s consumer lending service platform, CARE (which stands for Customer Attention, Retention and Engagement), couldn’t be named better.

CARE’s purpose and mission are in the name. The platform aims to nurture and retain customers through good and bad times, provide real-time views of home equity, provide personalized loan offers, and offer immediate help in case difficulties from any device. Designed for consumers and designed for businesses, CARE is made up of three essential components.

  1. CARE Loan Servicing empowers clients to serve themselves when it comes to managing their mortgage or non-mortgage loans. Borrowers can manage payments and escrows, find savings and chat with services on the same device they use to shop, chat or play their favorite game – and with the same ease and simplicity.
  1. With CARE Customer Service, technicians work within the same user interface/user experience as customers and can co-pilot to resolve customer needs with real-time secure messaging and document/data sharing.
  1. Finally, CARE API Marketplace is an API platform that allows departments to integrate their CARE service tools with the rest of the customer experience.

Although the three components of CARE have distinct goals, they combine to bring the same modern experience that borrowers get in the service origination space, where customer relationships are tactfully managed and developed over the course of the loan life cycle of several decades.

As a cloud-native, continuously updated consumer services platform, CARE is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of homeowners. The platform also focuses on providing a configurable interface for services, giving them the ability to customize the platform.

Sagent CARE solves both engagement and retention issues by creating a continuous loop of service to origin through responsible use of borrower data. This game-changing loop works in two key ways:

  • First, CARE seamlessly connects repairer customer support teams to the owner experience.
  • Second, CARE uses two-way data sharing between owner-facing products (like CARE) and maintenance and default systems (like Sagent’s LoanServ and Tempo) so that owner and business experiences are always connected – and always informed by the data of each owner. in real time.

At a time when the CFPB is pushing service providers to improve call center response times, increase data on key metrics, and proactively promote options to borrowers — especially in times of hardship — Sagent brings a configurable solution to the table that tracks regulatory changes and changing policy requirements in order to stay compliant.

As flexible mortgage fintech grows in prominence, Sagent continues to highlight its ability to combine automation with real-time access to human assistance with Sagent’s consumer lending service platform, CARE.

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